Three things to consider before you buy and install a chandelier

ChandelierA chandelier can be stunning focal point in a room so why not take the time to think carefully about your decision.  At SOR electrical, we’ve installed lots of chandeliers, in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and we think there are three things to consider carefully before you make it a permanent fixture in your home.

Thinking about the right size of chandelier

One of the most important things to think about before you install a chandelier is its size. A small room with ceilings below 8ft, will quickly look cramped if an enormous fixture pours off the ceiling. Having a simple chandelier installed, however, with a small diameter and just one tier would work well. Conversely, if you have a large room with high ceilings, a large opulent chandelier with lots of tiers could warm up the room and provide a focal centre, especially appropriate in grand living rooms or open-plan spaces.

For a fool-proof formula on how to calculate the right diameter of your chandelier, visit

Deciding on the style of chandelier

There are so many different chandelier designs on the market that it’s easy to be blinded by choice. Before going shopping, take a few minutes to think about the décor and mood of your room. Is it 60s retro with a warm cosy feel? How about utra-modern with an ice-cool edge? Or Bohemian-eclectic with a romantic twist? Jot down a few of the words that best describe your taste and then think about how you want the chandelier to impact upon the room. Do you want it to blend in, or would you rather it be the focal point of the space? Just going through these simple steps will steer you in the right direction before you have the chandelier installed.

How bright should your chandelier be?

Again, the amount of light that a chandelier should emit will depend on the room. A dark hallway would be transformed by a bright, multi-tiered and multi-bulbed fixture. Similarly, unlikely spaces such as a windowless bathroom could be made into a striking, well-lit space just by choosing the right lighting. The dining room poses several challenges as the table itself needs to be well lit, yet you need to avoid blinding the guests. This is possible by fitting the chandelier just above the eye-line, and using low wattage lights that shine upwards. High wattage lights that shine downwards, are ideal for workspaces or the kitchen. If you would like to have a range of lighting moods from one source, then consider attaching your chandelier to a dimmer device so you can vary the amount of light according to your needs.


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