The Lighting Design Plan – Don’t light up your home without one!

ChandelierIf you are lucky enough to be renovating your home or building your home from scratch, then do consider completing a lighting design plan. It’s as important as your plumbing and will contribute to the mood as well as the functionality of your home. The first thing you will need to do is grab a pencil and paper and sketch out each room, including doors, windows, furniture and current lighting sockets. As you go about deciding where to put your lights, here are a few points to take into account:

>> Natural lighting

Which direction do your windows face? If you have a basement flat or have windows facing the north or east, then chances are you will need some soft central lighting during winter daytime.

>> Task Lighting

Ensure you make a note of all the areas where you will need concentrated light. This will include any work and kitchen surfaces, places where you read and beside mirrors in the bathroom.

>> Sockets

If you are relocating your sockets, then ensure they are not likely to be behind a large sofa where they will be difficult to reach. Nor do you want your sockets to be in a place where everyone can see them.

>> Display Lighting

Do you have objects or places that you’d like to light up? These can be anything from paintings to ornaments to dark corners.

>> Living room lighting

This room is all about mood. If you’d like a calming soft mood, then ensure you use dimmers and alcove lighting. If you prefer a lot of light, a chandelier is probably best for you.

>> Bedroom lighting

You will need sockets near your bed in the bedroom, so that you can place reading lights at each side. You may also want the option of a brighter light, so a small hanging light could work for you. Dimmers in the bedroom will help you control the amount of light you have in this room.

>> Hall lighting

Halls are usually dark, so it makes sense to lighten them up with a chandelier. A many layered, multi-bulbed option will certainly bring a bit of character to a dingy hallway.

>> Kitchen lighting

The kitchen is the room that is often used the most, especially in a family home. Carefully consider how you use this room. Homework as well as dinner at the table? How well lit are your chopping surfaces? If both of these are true, a strong central light as well as task lighting are the solution.

If you would like help drawing your design plan, check out this handy link.

If you would like to know more about our lighting design services, check out our services page.


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