ChandelierTo stop your chandelier from losing its sparkle, I recommend cleaning it at least once a year. There are two ways you can do this:

Cleaning with the crystals attached

First, turn off the power to the room. If that’s not possible, make sure the light fixture is switched off and allow it to cool down. Next lay a blanket or thick cloth on the floor below. This is to cushion the fall if any pieces drop off. Then position the stepladder to allow easy access to the chandelier (you will need to keep repositioning as you clean to avoid twisting the fixture).

Spray a lint-free cotton cloth with glass cleaner or a vinegar and water solution (one part each) and wipe each piece. Use another cloth to dry it straight away to avoid streaks.  Avoid spraying directly onto the fixture as this could tarnish any metal parts.

Lastly, wipe the metal fasteners and frame using a dry cloth or a metal cleaning product. Use a dry cloth to wipe down the bulbs.

Cleaning with the crystals taken off

If the chandelier is particularly dirty, you may want to take it apart to give it a deeper clean. This method is also useful if you are worried about parts coming loose and dropping to the floor.

First, take a photo of the chandelier from all angles so you can remember how to put it back together again. Next, spread a cloth beneath the chandelier (as before) and another on a nearby tabletop.

Carefully detach the glass parts from the chandelier – using nose pliers if necessary to loosen the fastenings – and place them gently on the table.

Line a sink with a cloth to prevent damaging the delicate glass pieces and fill it with water and washing detergent. Place each part individually into the water and gently rub it with your fingers. Don’t use a brush or sponge as this could scratch the pieces. When the piece is clean, rinse it and then place it on a soft towel. Dry it immediately using a cotton cloth to avoid water spots.

Once the parts are dry, use the photos you took earlier as a reference to put it back together. If any of the metal fasteners are loose, use the pliers to tighten them up.

Chandelier cleaning services

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