An electrical case study: wiring a Hampstead extension

View from Hampstead HeathThe summer has finally landed, and as a result we’ve seen an influx of NW3 residents building extensions on their Hampstead homes.

Recently, we sent our electricians to NW3 to wire the Haversham family’s brand new conservatory. So if you live in Hampstead and are thinking of adding an extension, here’s a case study to give you a few ideas…

A perfect Hampstead hideaway

The Havershams had just built a new conservatory to be used as a family room. They wanted to be able to relax, listen to music, and dine overlooking their leafy Hampstead garden.

Of course, getting the electrical fittings right is just as important as getting the plumbing right! There’s no point in unveiling your new Hampstead hideaway, only to be met with garish light fittings and sockets that are in the wrong place.

We met with the Haversham’s to work out exactly what they wanted from their NW3 conservatory, and fit the electrics to meet their needs.

Lights, camera, action! Family time in NW3

It was important to fit the right amount of sockets in the right place so the Haversham’s could enjoy their NW3 lifestyle of listening to music, watching films, reading, and playing games.

We installed sockets by the door to the garden, so in good weather the family could still listen to music on their IPod dock from outside. As a family they use a lot of technology, so it was vital to fit enough sockets so they could each be on a laptop at once without losing charge.

Lighting those long summer evenings in Hampstead

A conservatory gets plenty of natural light, especially in spacious Hampstead. But come evening, the Haversham’s wanted to be able to use the room for family dinners and parties.

They decided to fit one main light on a dimmer, but also install sockets for lamps to give the conservatory plenty of atmosphere. Mood lighting from lamps makes any dinner party special while the main chandelier makes the room fully functional once the natural light disappears.

Finding the right Hampstead electricians

You don’t need us to tell you how important it is to find a Hampstead electrician you can trust! After spending all the time and money building your new Hampstead extension, The Haversham’s next tip is to put in a bit of extra time finding the right people for the job!


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