SOR Electrical was recently called out by a landlord to a terraced house occupied by three professional sharers in the Hendon NW4 area after they reported repeated tripping on their fuse board. One of our electricians traced the problem to an electrical socket in their bathroom that appeared not to have been correctly installed and did not meet the required BS 7671 standards.

In bathrooms because of the high levels of humidity and damp, and the danger that water poses to potential electric shocks, it is critical that electrical sockets are professionally installed by a certified and registered electrician.

Electrical installations in bathrooms must meet Part P regulations and are ‘notifiable’

In this case the socket was installed in the area surrounding the shower which means that under current legislation there are standards it must comply with and that the installation is ‘notifiable’. These standards are called Part P of the Building Regulations, which means you must employ an electrician who is Part P registered; or you have to tell or ‘notify’ your local-authority building-control about the installation and pay them to inspect the work.

In this particular case, the landlord had been away overseas and the installation had been organised by one of the tenants who was unaware of the need to comply with these regulations.

The benefits of using a registered electrician

If you use a registered Hendon electrician, you can expect to have safe electrical installation work done and the work will meet the UK national standard, BS 7671 (Requirements for Electrical Installations). You will also not have to deal with the local-authority building-control directly and when the work is finished you should receive:

• an Electrical Installation Certificate or, where applicable, a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate that confirms the work meets BS 7671; and

• a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate that confirms the work meets the Building Regulations.

All our London electricians at SOR Electrical our certified, qualified and Part P registered. If you’re unsure about the requirements regarding an electrical installation in your home please give SOR Electrical a call on 0208 935 5199. Or contact info@sorelectrical.com. Leave your name and number and one of our SOR Electrical, London staff will call you back within the hour.

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