The Lighting Design Plan – Don’t light up your home without one!

ChandelierIf you are lucky enough to be renovating your home or building your home from scratch, then do consider completing a lighting design plan. It’s as important as your plumbing and will contribute to the mood as well as the functionality of your home. The first thing you will need to do is grab a pencil and paper and sketch out each room, including doors, windows, furniture and current lighting sockets. As you go about deciding where to put your lights, here are a few points to take into account:

>> Natural lighting

Which direction do your windows face? If you have a basement flat or have windows facing the north or east, then chances are you will need some soft central lighting during winter daytime.

>> Task Lighting

Ensure you make a note of all the areas where you will need concentrated light. This will include any work and kitchen surfaces, places where you read and beside mirrors in the bathroom.


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